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Algebraic Expressions and Equations

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Algebraic Expressions & Equations

Order of Operations







REMEMBER - When multiplication and division occur together, work from left to right.  This means you MAY divide BEFORE you multiply.  The same goes for addition and subtraction!


Study Jams - Order of Operations


Click on one of the links below to take you to some FUN online games to practice your PEMDAS skills!

The Order of Operations Royal Rescue

Order of Operations Millionaire Game

Order of Operations on Math Playground

PEMDAS Blaster



Simplifying Expressions


Simplifying Expressions is just a fancy way of saying SOLVE the expression.  Make sure to use the order of operations!



Example 1:



Example 2:


Algebraic Expressions


Understanding the Language of Algebraic Expressions


A variable is any unknown amount that is represented by a letter in an equation.


Use these clue words to help you determine how to create an algebraic expression out of words!


Practice turning words into equations with this FUN online game!

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire Game


What is algebra?


Solving Algebraic Expressions



In order to solve for a variable, it must be by itself on one side of the equation.  That means that you will have to move any numbers and operations that are on the same side of the equation as the variable to the other side. BUT you CAN'T just move them from one side to the other.  For a number to change sides, you must perform the inverse, or opposite, operation on BOTH sides of the equation.





Use this helpful online tool to check your work when simplifying expressions.

Algebra Calculator



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